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Montreal adventures

I had the most lovely weekend in Montreal last week.

It actually started on Saturday in Ottawa, with my ultimate playoffs. We didn’t do too hot – but the weather was! I’m glad we had one more weekend of super-hot summery weather, although I did wish I’d brought an umbrella to the fields. Oh well, at least I remembered the sunscreen!

Off into the car I hopped, picked up by hubby on our way to Montreal, where we stopped off at an ├ępluchette at hubby’s aunt’s house. All I knew about it is that it’s a corn party of some sort… and, really, that’s all it ended up being. Lots of corn (so delicious! this is a particularly good year for it, I haven’t had bad corn yet this year – or even meh corn!), hot dogs, a tons of lawn space to put your picnic blanket on, and some sporting events – like 24 on 27 soccer with a toddler-sized ball. Fun!

Sunday was meant to be wandering-around day – I had the whole day to kill since hubby was devoting the day to playing Axis & Allies. So off I went – but first stop was Place des Arts. See, when I searched for events in Montreal on August 26th, the ever-helpful google informed me that there was a matinee show of Wicked. What caught my attention, though, was the fact that the website claimed that there would be a lottery for cheap tickets – you could win a chance to buy super-awesome seats for $25 (yes, it’s a little bit complicated).

You were supposed to arrive 2.5 hours early and enter your name into the lottery, with a request for one or two tickets. Half an hour later, they drew names, and if you won you forked over $25 and got your ticket(s). While in line, I was approached by another girl who was by herself, and suggested that we team up and each enter for two tickets, thus doubling our chances of winning. Yes please! Of course, I don’t have the luck with contests like these – but apparently she did, because her name got drawn! Woo hoo! And the “super-awesome” tickets mentioned above? Well, they were in the third row from the stage, albeit near the site. And the girl turned out to be a student from Belgium finishing up her degree in Montreal – go figure that I fall back into my random traveling ways as soon as I start playing tourist.

The show itself was incredible. I’d heard of the book/musical over the last few years, but was always too busy to look into tickets when the tour reached Ottawa. I didn’t know what to expect, and walked away very impressed. The story was original, the cast really good, and the costumes spectacular. From our seats, there were a few times when I felt like if I could take a snapshot of what I was seeing it would be right at home on the show billboard – the view was that good. Two thumbs and two big toes up!

And what happened to the day of wandering Montreal? Well, in the 2 hours between winning the tickets and the show time, I managed to run over to the touristy part of the town to grab an egg tart from a chinese bakery and snap a few shots. Because wandering can wait until next time, when Broadway was calling this time!

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