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Just as I was about to write about the books that I read on our trip, I finally got around to watching a video someone had sent me a looooong time ago. The video is vaguely about making people feel happy, and one of the books I read, “Happiness” by Will Ferguson, is about what happens when a self-help book is published that actually worked – rendering everyone who read it “happy”.

The video is a bit on the long side, but you should definitely watch it if your day needs a pick-me-up. There’s a deeper message, but I don’t want to over-analyze a cute little short film.

I loved the book. It is equal parts of Will Ferguson hilarity, bizarre coincidences, and a description of how I vaguely thought the publishing world worked like, anyway. Highly recommended, although as Dan noted, the ending is a bit of a cop-out. But other than that, great book!

I also read “Great Expectations”, Charles Dickens’ tour de force. It was actually a much easier read than I had expected (I figured I would barely have time to get through this one book, while in fact I ended up stealing the other two books from Dan). The characters are fun, the morals are straightforward, and the ending not unhappy.

The last book I read (not in this order, though) was “A short history of Tractors in Ukrainian”, by Marina Lewycka. I was pleasantly surprised, since I hadn’t been expecting much from something I’d never heard about before, and had plucked from the 50 cent bin at a used book sale. It’s a story about two middle-aged women whose widowed father goes off and marries a woman much younger than her new daughters-in-law. Poignant at times, entertaining throughout.

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