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Minimum wage and temperature

The other day, I came across an article saying the minimum wage in Quebec was being raised to $9.50. Now, I don’t consider myself *that* old, but I’m pretty sure that when I had my first job, the minimum wage was around $5. [Actually, the interwebs confirm that it *was* actually $5, and even $4.50 for minors.] There’s no way that inflation has soared 100% in the slightly more than a decade that I’ve been working. So… what’s changed? Have we become that much more concerned about minimum wage (and presumably the poverty level) in the last decade? Has this been enough to motivate people to get out into the workforce, by making even minimum wage more attractive?

At $9.50, you’re making around $19K a year (I’m assuming you’ll take some vacation, although the reality is probably that you won’t take much, if you’re working for minimum wage). The Council on Social Development website has some interesting statistics. For example, in all but the biggest cities (500K population or more), for a single person, that is above the poverty line. If you’re a family with two working parents, even if both are at minimum wage, you’re WAY above the poverty line. And I’ve been seeing more and more reports in the last few years saying how the “standard” family model now involves two working parents. Yet, other sources say around 10% live below the poverty line. So… are there not enough minimum wage jobs? Or are people just not taking them as an opportunity?

In less political news – THANKS, Alberta, but you can have your Arctic front back. Seriously, though, what gives – this is December! It’s not supposed to hit the -20s until mid-January, at least. Although, could one hope that if this keeps up, the Canal might actually be open way earlier this year? – say, for christmas?!

The cold has made the cats extra cuddly. It’s now hard to spend time at the computer without a cuddly warm ball of fur taking up your lap. Sometimes, they’ll even tag-team and one will chase the other off, only to climb up immediately him/herself. Today, I was scratching BB’s tummy with my frozen hands as she was curled up on my lap – and she obligingly curled herself around my hand, and kept herself there until my hand warmed up. What a smart girl! Shakey has been warming up my hoodie by sleeping on it all the time, which also comes in handy.

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