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Props to Air Canada

Yet again, since I know I would’ve written a ranty blog post if the outcome hadn’t been so favourable, I’m making an effort to write about a case when things did go my way. A lot of people that I talk to don’t have many favourable things to say about Air Canada. I don’t know if they’re thinking of the bankrupt Air Canada of a decade ago, or if I’ve just been really lucky – but today is yet another case of me being happy with the service I received from them.

A few days ago, I got an email from Air Canada saying they were changing our flight to visit my parents at Christmas. Fine, no biggie, schedules get shifted back and forth by half an hour all the time. Except that when I looked at the new itinerary in more detail, I realized that they had us

1) Leaving over an hour earlier (in the middle of the day, when even with the original flight I would have had to take half a day off work)

2) Doing two transfers instead of the original one

3) Transferring in a cramped poorly laid out airport within a 50-minute window – which would be fine on a normal day, but which I’m wary of in Calgary in the middle of the winter leading up to the holidays.

Well that’s no good! The reason I buy tickets for Christmas travel in September is so that I have my pick of flights in order to avoid these exact scenarios! I figured the very least I could do was call and give a shot at getting better flights. I found a direct flight out of Toronto that would work and was showing as available online, assuming they could get us there. The guy on the phone dragged his feet for a while, but after I listed all of my excuses (as well as the number of the flight that I wanted to be on out of Toronto), he gave up and rebooked the tickets. Yay Air Canada! The nice side effect is that with this new schedule, we even get there 2 hours earlier than we would have with the original tickets.

Now, I’m holding my breath to see how many more changes they will try to make to our reservation in the next 6 weeks…

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